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Managing Traffic and Pedestrians in the Workplace


Many businesses have traffic management and pedestrian issues, where both vehicles and pedestrians are using the same space. Whether it be within a warehouse or driving on site between multiple site buildings.

 So what can you do to help manage vehicle movements in areas where pedestrians may be present?

Segregate pedestrians from vehicles. Have designated, demarked walkways with crossing points.

Create a physical barrier between pedestrians and vehicles. This could be bollards, a wall or railings. Anything that creates a physical barrier which prevents vehicles from coming into contact with pedestrians.

Create a one-way system. This avoids the need for vehicles doing deliveries from reversing.

Install traffic calming measures. Speed bumps are great for slowing traffic.

Install a speed limit. A 5 mph speed limit means that there is more chance of vehicles stopping in time should a pedestrian walk in front of a vehicle.

Ensure flashing beacons are installed on all plant. This creates a visual warning of vehicles approaching. Cars should use hazard lights.

Install audible alarms. Where vehicles such as forklifts need to reverse, ensure audible alarms are installed to warn pedestrians of reversing movements.

Avoid the need for pedestrians to be in areas where there is moving traffic. Create walkways which direct pedestrians away from traffic. Where possible position services such as canteens and welfare facilities away from where vehicle movements occur.

Ensure there is adequate signage. This is important both for guiding pedestrians and also for vehicles warning of crossing points and speed limits.

Ensure all vehicles that are in car parks, reverse park. This means that when vehicles leave site, they have a clear line of site to see any potential pedestrian movements.

Training. Ensure all personnel are trained into the procedures for vehicle and pedestrian movements.

 So why not take a look at how you manage vehicle and pedestrian movements in your organisation. If you need help with traffic management or any part of your health and safety management system, contact us to find out how we can help you: or 01843 654644.

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