Health, Safety & Environment Consultants

Environmental Consulting

We work with your organisation to help promote environmental sustainability, reducing the impact of your business on the environment, often providing long-term cost savings to your business and keeping your business legally compliant.

Environmental Management Systems

We can help your business to develop robust environmental management systems with effective policy, and associated procedures to help manage your environmental risk.

Aspects and Impacts Registers

Development of registers that identify elements of a business that have the potential to cause an impact on the environment and the effect these business activities can have on the environment.


We can audit your environmental management system to check for legal compliance and to look for opportunities for improvement which will enhance your business and save you money.

Permit Application

We can assist you with environmental permit applications, including consents to discharge and noise consents.

Waste Minimisation

We can assist you to develop waste minimisation schemes reducing waste streams and leading to company savings.

Energy Efficiency

We can help your business develop energy efficient systems of work, reducing the impact on the environment and saving your business money.

Incident Investigation

We can assist you in investigating your environmental incidents and help establish route causes so that these uncontrolled releases can be prevented from happening again.